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How A Busy Winter Break For Dortmund Can Save Their Season

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At the start of last season when Dortmund were plunged into the “Group of Death” along with Real Madrid, Manchester City and Ajax in their champions league campaign, many people backed Real and Manchester City to progress through to the last 16 and no one really seemed to take notice of the potential that was in that Dortmund side. Yet, Dortmund finished top of that group ahead of big money spenders Real Madrid, and Manchester City finished stone bottom of the group, Ajax taking third with an impressive home victory over the Sky Blues, and a couple of decent performances here and there . Borussia Dortmund progressed through to the final where they narrowly lost to a World class Bayern side. In the Bundesliga however, they finished a huge 25 points behind the winners, Bayern.

This season, people are expecting a similar Dortmund champions league push, yet they just made it through to the last 16, but managed to finish top of their group, football eh? Dortmund started off well in their league campaign, but in the past two months, they’ve lost touch with Bayern, and are now 12 points behind. Recently losing 2-1 at home to Hertha Berlin, who are impressing in the Bundesliga. A bad run of form, home and away have maybe already cost Jurgen Klopp’s side their title challenge. They now find themselves forth in the league.

So how can Dortmund use the Winter break to their advantage? First of all, Jurgen Klopp has to take a good look at his side. Dortmund have brought some incredible players through their ranks, but have lost them to more powerful, richer sides. They brought in Mkhitaryan in the summer who is a huge talent, and Aubameyang who is also a fine player. But compare them to Ribery, Robben, Muller they’re no match. Dortmund need a big name signing. With Lewandowski potentially on the way out next season, Dortmund could be in real trouble. They’ve been linked with a move for striker Edin Dzeko who would be an ideal signing. He’s proven in the Bundesliga and the Premier League, and is out of favour at Manchester City. A solid, proven centre midfield is needed to pair with Sven Bender, or Gundogan to step in if injuries strike, which has been a problem this season for Dortmund. Ruben Pardo is a talented lad with bags of potential, and would fit in perfectly with Dortmund’s style of play.

Dortmund posses a great academy, Jurgen Klopp has been fantastic in getting the best out of his youngsters. He should take another dip into the academy and pick out a few players and give them a try. Many have proved to be successful, so why not have one another attempt to bring up another star?

Train hard! Work on their defence where they’ve proved vulnerable, but work extra hard on converting their chances. The big game against Bayern where the 3-0 score line may have proved harsh against Dortmund who had many chances throughout the game but were unable to convert, similar to the game vs Arsenal at home. This is where another big striker could come in useful.

In conclusion, I believe Dortmund will come back after the winter break a stronger and more consistent side, Jurgen Klopp will have a plan up his sleeve and if my ideas of how they can use the winter break are put into plan and become successful, Dortmund will be back in the title race.

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