A Modern English Football Fan Living In Germany

Football fan. Liverpool fan. Bundesliga fan. Smiths fan.

After the all-German Champions League Final in 2013 I became fascinated by German football. The 2013/14 season was my first venture into the Bundesliga. Goals, drama, end to end matches, passionate fans and an honest outlook on football, promoting youth players from within, charging fans little for match tickets and season tickets and a real connection between players and fans. I could tell this was a league for me.

I’m an 18 year old from Lancashire, England. Recently finished Sixth Form in England and now trying to make it as a sports journalist. Specifically, wanting to write about German football. That’s just what I’m doing this year. Based in Hannover, Germany I’ll be travelling the country visiting Bundesliga stadiums and taking in the matches. Season ticket holder for VFL Wolfsburg (Not originally my first choice).

Any support such as sharing the website or simply sharing an article on it would be a great help to me and hopefully the site can start to gain some recognition.